Business Operations

Change Agency in Financial Models

Change does not come easy to an organization—large or small, new or old. However, successful organizations are nimble and regularly address their revenue model to ensure financial sustainability. Olitzky Consulting Group can evaluate an organization’s current financial model and determine the level of sustainability integrity. In addition, Olitzky Consulting Group is well-known for their expertise in innovative financial structures. Olitzky Consulting Group can facilitate alternative revenue model ideation series and collaborate on an implementation and deployment plan for financial sustainability. Further, an aspect of financial sustainability is access to grant and foundation dollars. Olitzky Consulting Group can also provide grant-writing and strategic communications support.

Coaching and Professional Development

Often underscoring financial sustainability is having the right team in place and resources deployed. Essential to both of these notions is understanding that every position of leadership can benefit from coaching and intentional continuing professional development.

Olitzky Consulting Group can provide such development. Topics can include but will not be limited to:

  • Changing the language and perspective of the organization, from membership to engagement
  • Radical hospitality, outreach and inreach, and segmenting the target community
  • A de-emphasis on so-called “pediatric programming”
  • Crisis and Risk Management
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • LGBTQ+ Allyship
  • Conflict Resolution

Furthermore, Olitzky Consulting Group can present some bold ideas for implementation that will include: how to turn an organization inside-out into a community institution; how to privilege community members in the same way as insider members; how to program in the marketplace of ideas to reach both the wider community; and how to develop ramp-up programs to make sure that any (non-physical) barriers to entry and the community are accessible for participation.

Board and Staff Relations

Such leadership development is central to board and staff relations. Many business and organizations do not invest enough time developing their board. Board members are the fiduciaries who not only steer the organization towards a sustainable future, but also make certain that the organization has adequate resources to advance its mission. Moreover, they adopt sound, ethical, and legal governance, safety, and fiscal management policies to ensure the organization’s viability and success.

Olitzky Consulting Group can assist an organization to help their board undertake their role more effectively. Olitzky Consulting Group will set a clear vision, values, and strategy for the board, as well as conduct a skills audit of existing board members. Olitzky Consulting Group will follow this up with written role descriptions and responsibilities, including implementing a “Give/Get” member philosophy and development of a long-term succession plan. As part of these role descriptions, Olitzky Consulting Group will partner board members with different areas and staff of the organization, depending on the most optimal relational structure.