Mission-Driven Progress

Environmental Scans & Forward Progress

Olitzky Consulting Group can conduct a comprehensive review of an organization or business’ system and stakeholders. In doing so, Olitzky Consulting Group will identify and determine acute trouble spots and successes. Olitzky Consulting Group can then facilitate collaborative ideation sessions to remediate challenges and help ensure productivity and profitability. Further, whether predicated on these innovative solutions, or, by creating standalone action plans, Olitzky Consulting Group can help move a business or organization ahead—both qualitatively and quantitatively. Olitzky Consulting Group will develop evaluation metrics for deliverables and provide periodic benchmark check-ins based on these evaluation metrics.


Olitzky Consulting Group occupies a niche space in the marketplace as both ideators and implementers. Unfortunately, many non-profit organizations regularly have unsustainable (and imbalanced) budgets. Though in some cases innovation may be on an organization’s priority list, it seldom rises to the top of other competing financial priorities. As a result, staff are compelled to wear multiple, sometimes misaligned, hats. Even with the best of intentions, these organizations leave sorely needed innovation by the wayside. Olitzky Consulting Group can partner as a project-based Chief Innovation Officer, affording the opportunity to add the benefit of a staff member to an organization’s team without bearing the full burden of the cost and fringe benefits. Olitzky Consulting Group will meet with stakeholders and departments, helping conceive of new areas and vehicles for programming and engagement

The Artist Formerly Known as the Strategic Plan

Reflecting on strategy, there once was a time when long-term strategic planning was possible. No longer can one plan for five-years out, let alone two months out. Instead, Olitzky Consulting Group will collaborate with an organization to develop a robust actionable plan that provides clear and concise advice on specific areas of acute need and interest. Areas include, but are not limited to: leadership and staffing, physical plant, membership and engagement, revenue modeling, policies, program, education.

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

Sometimes an “outsider” is necessary to ask the hard questions. Organizations become “house-blind” and either believe that everyone knows the answer(s) or they fail to consider the questions in the first place. This “outsider” — Olitzky Consulting Group – will help push an organization or business in their identity reframing and value proposition. For example, what forms and informs the core mission of an institution? Is the organization staffed appropriately to implement this mission? How do the services and programs that the organization provides relate to its mission? What is the organization’s understanding of its distinctive mission in the community? And how does that mission offer personal benefit to the target market? Central to any organization’s success is a statement (and understanding) of competitive distinction. Olitzky Consulting Group helps clarify intention and provide direction.